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It’s no secret that manufacturing jobs are a staple of the Midwestern lifestyle. Ohio, itself, is notable across the country for its manufacturing and automation production companies, and that’s truly a title for Ohioans to be proud of.

From aviation, to utility vehicles, to individual mechanical parts, manufacturing companies established in Ohio have a long history of often setting the pace as far as industry leading manufacturing in the US. We often standardize processes that are even adapted worldwide.

Sankyo Automation, located in Sidney, Ohio, is a business that allows companies to produce at the efficient rate necessary to keep up with the competition. Primarily a producer and distributor of high-precision machines that are used to develop other machines, Sankyo Automation was established in 1987 as a child company of Sankyo Seisakusho Co. in Japan.

Sankyo primarily specializes in the research and development of automating the manufacturing process. This means that the company manufactures and distributes variants of automation tools such as 4th and 5th axis rotary indexers, pick and place machines, servo roll feeds, torque limiters, coil feeders, cnc rotary tables, precision link conveyors, and many more devices and accessories out of their 30,000 square foot facility.

In short, many of these parts, such as rotary indexers, can aid in cutting and drilling hard, metal materials to exact specifications, while Sankyo’s line of pick and place machines can quickly grab small parts and place them onto a board in order to mass produce circuit boards that can function as the brain for any device one can think up. What would originally be a task requiring patience and an incredibly steady hand can now be achieved in seconds thanks to this technology.

Likewise, technology such as Sankyo’s Sandex torque limiters can insure that the highest rotation rates are possible without a high risk to the life of the parts being used, in addition to ensuring that the slowing down of quickly rotating parts happens as smoothly as possible.

Likewise, their precision link conveyors serve to keep parts moving as they rotate around a central belt in order to move each component to its proper location in which it will be worked on by other automated devices for quickly assembling components in quick succession.

Sankyo Automation truly specializes in the science of efficiency and is continuing to create tighter specifications for their future products as their customers also further improve their own production methods.

Sankyo, likewise, must meet their product specifications to evolving industry standards, which creates a kind of cooperative effort to improve production processes on multiple levels.

Sankyo provides an important service that fills the ever growing demand for production efficiency in the midwest. They also ship to locations across the country as well as Europe, Central America, and South America.

Manufacturing companies such as Sankyo Automation are continuing to push the boundaries of what is mechanically possible in today’s world, and it’s quite a thrilling ride to see how far automation has come in Ohio, and how many brilliant minds have joined its ranks.

However, there’s still a long way to go as well. But Ohio, as a landscape for manufacturing, is continuing to look very promising.

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