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Businesses in Appalachian Ohio Join Together to Create a Better Future

In Appalachia, poverty has remained deeply rooted. Compared to their counterparts in the rest of the state, the 32 Ohio counties located in the Appalachian foothills struggle in almost every economic category.

NELSONVILLE, Ohio — At the Ohio Statehouse, companies from Appalachian Ohio recently came together to create a promising future for the 32-county region.

More than $100,000 was raised for Nicolozakes Trucking & Construction Inc. at the Oct. 4 celebration of the company’s 70th anniversary, which was co-hosted by presenting sponsors American Electric Power, DT Midstream, Ohio CAT, and Peoples Bank.

The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio received the cash from the Cambridge-based company in support of FAO’s Environmental Stewardship Pillar of Prosperity.

The Environmental Stewardship Pillar brings together givers and doers who work to improve public access to parks, trails, and outdoor recreation areas; funds fellowships; and gives kids opportunities to spend time in nature, developing the next generation of people who will value and protect the area’s natural environment. 

The Environmental Stewardship Pillar has contributed $1.6 million in grants and scholarships to Appalachian Ohio since its establishment, assisting 400 projects and students and building more than 21 miles of new recreational pathways.

“We established the Nicolozakes Trucking & Construction Inc. Environmental Stewardship Fund for Appalachian Ohio to permanently honor the region we call home and our family’s deep commitment to seeing it thrive,” said William Nicolozakes, president of Nicolozakes Trucking & Construction Inc.

“We are honored to partner with the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio and generous individuals and businesses who share our passion for building not only for today but for our future,” added Dean Nicolozakes, secretary-treasurer of the company.

“The Nicolozakes family and Nicolozakes Trucking & Construction Inc. have always been stalwart champions for southeastern Ohio and beyond,” said Cara Dingus Brook, FAO president and CEO. 

“Their generosity, partnership and leadership reflect their deep-rooted commitment to community, and we are incredibly honored and grateful that they chose to use a milestone in their journeys to bring our region’s businesses together to grow even more opportunities and improve quality of life in Appalachian Ohio.”

Since the Nicolozakes Fund was formed, FAO has been able to invest in two new children’s storybook trails, outdoor amenities, and several projects that have increased accessibility to already-existing recreation areas throughout Appalachian Ohio.

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