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F45 Training Gym

Two Darke County residents have brought a new type of physical training to Midwest Ohio called F45 Training. F45 utilizes team work and helps people get the most out of their fitness experience.

If you’re not familiar with F45, it’s a type of training that is team based and utilizes functional movement, hence the ‘F’ in F45. This type of training is said to yield better results because the workouts are never repeated, which makes each session a new experience each time.

This type of training facility promotes itself as a place that builds great physiques and camaraderie, and even includes live music once a week.

F45 has quickly grown in popularity and their network of fitness gyms and studios are rapidly popping up in locations both nationally and internationally.

This Ohio duo hopes to open their facility this fall and wants to build their studio in a building that shares space with a local yoga studio in Greenville.

The Darke County team said that F45 training is ahead of the trend in terms of health and fitness in the US. They added, that because it is a team training type of workout, it encourages each member to help each other. This behavior prevents boredom and apathy, and promotes success and teamwork. Their training is broken up into days that focus more on cardio based workouts and other days that focus more on resistance training.

This unique form of physical fitness training is said to have started in Australia. It’s great for student athletes, non-athletes and adults of any age, all within the same workout environment.

The Darke County F45 team said their goal by opening this unique fitness studio is to help people get healthier and reach their fitness and personal goals. Their goal as trainers is to make the workout routines produce results for their clients.

F45 is a type of training, with roots in rehabilitative movements, that is often utilized by chiropractors to help patients retrain  and heal after an injury.

Functional training utilizes movements that mimic what people do on a day-to-day basis whether that involves a lot of bending, walking, or lifting heavy items. The workouts are designed to mirror these types of daily activities. Each workout can be tailored to the individual for their specific needs, whether you’re a busy parent or training for a marathon. Workouts are designed to help participants achieve their personal goals in a realistic and achievable way. It also helps people perform their usual activities with greater ease and help avoid injuries in the first place.

For body building, F45 training uses weight activities to work the core muscles in the abdomen and lower back. Although there are many machines that work these areas, they’re not necessarily functional movements, in that they do not mimic regular movements done in their daily lives or sports. This type of training also focuses on balance in the body, building both strength and endurance.

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