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A new rehabilitation center opened for business with a ribbon cutting ceremony for its new facility located inside of an old bank building. This facility is located in downtown Wapakoneta in Auglaize County, Ohio and serves to assist residents who are looking for help in the areas of behavioral issues and substance abuse.

According to statistics on mental health and substance abuse, in the state of Ohio, about 89,000 teens from 2009 to 2013 have reported using illicit drugs, and about 253,000 people ages 12 to 20 reported binge drinking.

Reports from 2014 showed that Ohio is ranked at 39 out of the 50 states in adults with some sort of mental illness. That’s about 1.7 million people. Ohio also ranks at 28 when it comes to adults with drug and alcohol dependence, 8.86 percent of the population, just slightly higher than the national average of 8.46 percent.

The chief officer for this professional service said that they had a presence in this community many years ago, but due to some sustainability issues they were not able to stay. With the new facility they will not only serve Auglaize County but two neighboring counties as well, providing a much needed service to this region.

Their organization serves an area that encompasses eight Ohio counties. They decided to open a facility in Wapakoneta to reach residents who may not be able to travel long distances to their other facilities. This sometimes forced citizens who were too far away to go without the help they need. The chief officer said that before they opened their Wapakoneta office, residents in Auglaize County were having to travel long distances to other counties in order to utilize their service.

The Wapakoneta office is not only more conveniently located for many residents in the Midwest region of Ohio, but also offers a full service operation that is not offered at their other facilities. Services include diagnostic assessment, counseling, psychiatry, even residential services and employment.

This new facility also has a helpline that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for those who are in need of immediate help. With their presence back in the communities for this region of Ohio, they hope to build a more personalized connection with those that they are helping. They want to provide a safe haven where people feel like they can go to get the help they need, free of judgment or fear of being turned away.

The return of a mental health and substance abuse facility to serve Midwest Ohio comes at a time when drug addiction is at its highest in the area. This professional service center wants to help break the stigma attached to these types of issues so people feel more at ease to seek help and talk about their problems. By getting the help they need, hopefully it will also help the affected get their lives back on a positive track.

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