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Topsy Turvy

Tipp City has many wonderful stores, restaurants, and exhibitions on it’s main street. However, if you were to drive through Tipp City on a given afternoon, you may notice one storefront that stands out, not just because of its varied and colorful window decorations, but because of its playful nature and inviting, childlike personality.

Playtime has come to Tipp City with the grand opening of the city’s new, main street store, Topsy Turvy Toys. Originally founded in New Bremen, Ohio in July of 2007, Topsy Turvy Toys has been a popular spot for many adults and children, alike, fulfilling a demand for not just entertainment, but also the hands-on, educational activities that make play time something that children and adults can enjoy together.

Now, as of July 1st of 2018, Miami County residents have the chance to see what all the fanfare is about. In my personal time spent at the Tipp City store location, it seems the area’s residents are slowly growing very fond of the spot as wanderers come seek the store out from the street or from word of mouth only to be greeted by a rich, artful, and welcoming environment, as well as, equally welcoming employees.

Whether you’re there to browse, shop, or you have a very specific toy in mind, Topsy Turvy Toy’s does a very good job of helping clients find exactly what they need. If you need a suggestion on the most popular children’s toys, I highly recommend going to them.

Although, sometimes the real answers to these purchasing questions can’t be measured by words alone. When it comes to fun, an actual experience often speaks volumes over a description. That’s why Topsy Turvy has a very pro-hands-on policy within their store which allows children and adults to play with the toys to their heart’s content before they decide what to ultimately bring home.

The store is very spacious with a large, storefront window that lets in a good amount of natural light. As soon as they walk in, children just seem to light up and often will know immediately to touch and begin playing with the toys and board games, an act which is very much encouraged by the store’s philosophy of bringing playtime to the community.

Topsy Turvy’s owner, Cathi Hall, is the embodiment of what her store represents, good and honest fun. When asked what her motivations were for initially starting her business, Cathi expressed that “Topsy Turvy Toys was created to fill a void in a community.  We provide quality toys and games, but first and foremost, we provide opportunities to play.”

I think that statement sums up everything that truly needs to be said about Topsy Turvy Toys and the need for opportunities to play in many other areas and communities.

Children need play in order to learn, socialize, and have fun. It’s a factor we sometimes forget about for adults, as well, as we press on through our daily lives with a certain level of seriousness and maturity.

Whatever that play time looks like for the individual, interactive fun is a serious factor in the happiness and connectivity of many communities. Without opportunities to play and interact with the world around us in enjoyable ways, things can get quite boring.

So, that’s just what Cathi set out to fix with her store, and the positive community reception in both locations has spoken for itself with a resounding “yes”. When asked why she chose to expand her store, Cathi professed that she moved to Tipp City in order to bring her “Play Matters” philosophy to as many communities as possible.

I think it’s safe to say that many can align with the nobility of that cause. I mean, who couldn’t stand to loosen up a bit and just take a moment to play with some amazing toys? Heck, that moment of play could even change someone’s life.

You can go see Topsy Turvy Toys for yourself at its new location at 31 East Main Street in Tipp City, Ohio.

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