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It’s no secret that obtaining a mortgage loan can be a daunting experience. Buying a home is often one of the biggest purchases we’ll ever make, the process often requires a look at our credit scores, and requires participation in a system that can be difficult to navigate without guidance. That experience can be amplified for first time home-buyers.

However, Desteni Mason, of Mason Knows Mortgages, has stood out as one of the primary advocates for getting people to make informed financial decisions across Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Florida when buying a home.

Desteni co-founded the business, KTL Performance Mortgage, way back in 2003 after Desteni made the conscious decision to provide a service that could help people “be better and do more than they ever thought they could do”, ever striving to motivate underserved clients to overcome their financial situations and acquire a home that’s just right for them.

Mason Knows Mortgages is a lender that provides homebuying knowledge and rates for nearly any subject pertaining to mortgage loans. This includes services such as VA mortgage options, refinancing, debt consolidation, purchasing investment properties, first time home-buyers, and much more.

Since its 2003 establishment, Mason Knows Mortgages has garnered praise as being one of the leading USDA mortgage lenders across both Ohio and Indiana. The group of lenders is also very active in areas of Kentucky and Florida.

“What was the key to Desteni’s success?” you might ask. From day to day, Desteni had established her business with the goal of helping people who may get turned away from other mortgage lenders.

Instead, Desteni built trust and confidence with her customers, offering middle to low income clients the opportunity to make effective home-buying decisions while providing sound financial advice with an emphasis on manifesting success through knowledge and the confidence that comes with being informed.  

Desteni, herself, came from a low-income background, but her interest in finance resulted in her overcoming her situation. Through her continued diligence, self-education, and a mindset of positivity, Desteni has achieved financial success by not just being financially-intelligent, but by openly sharing her wisdom with others. She shares this wisdom in person and through several outlets such as social media and her personal website.

Desteni’s continued success within her business has been highly predicated on her continued commitment to assisting a broad range of clients. She also reaches out to people online through explanation videos and announcements about changes in mortgage policies. Her commitment to giving out advice and keeping a strong relationship with her clients has been Desteni’s most beneficial business strategy, apart from her intensive study of mortgage law.  

The success of Mason Knows Mortgages is a healthy reminder that we get out of our work what we give, especially if that work corresponds to a self-owned business where the personality of that business primarily relies on our actions.

It’s always best to open up to our clients and put ourselves and our knowledge out there so as to disintegrate any mis-trust that may come when establishing a new business relationship. Consider forming solutions that work to serve the client’s interests first. This will build credibility with your business and customer loyalty further down the line.

Success can come from many directions, but the above seems to work very well for Desteni Mason and Mason Knows Mortgages.

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