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La Piazza in Troy - Closes the cheesecake factory takes its place - Ohio business review

A quick call to the Mayor’s office confirms this rumor to be false.
So what’s to come of the $995,000 building according to its online, 2018 listing? 
There’s plenty of room for speculation while the Ohio Business Review reaches out to city officials to learn more. 

La Piazza offered classic Italian meals & cocktails served in an upscale setting with rustic touches, a bar and a patio since 1992, closing its doors in February of 2018.  

La Piazza was launched by Michael and Jennifer Anticoli on North Market Street in Troy. The Anticoli’s had a long standing restaurant history; Michael being the last operating member of his family’s 87-year italian eatery lineage. 

Michael Anticoli’s grandparents opened a restaurant called The Rendezvous in 1931 on Fifth Street in Dayton. The restaurant was in operation in East Dayton for two decades before it was renamed Anticoli’s. A few years later, the business moved to Salem Avenue north of town.

So what’s to come of this vacant space that marks the end of the Anticoli restaurant lineage?
The Cheesecake Factory. 

The Cheesecake Factory chain offers an extensive American menu, a menu that is well-known for its 20-page, 233-item massivity. While the quantity may make us question the food’s quality, employees of the Cheesecake Factory report all dishes, but the cheesecake which comes to the restaurant premade and frozen, are made fresh and from scratch. 

The Cheesecake Factory joins a few other well-known chains located in Troy: Penn Station East Coast Subs, Skyline Chili, Bob Evans, Ruby Tuesday, Fazoli’s and Chick-Fil-A. However, Troy’s Public Square has yet to house a chain restaurant, making The Cheesecake Factory the first of its kind in the downtown area. 

The Miami County Bugle Caller reports a few unique-to-the area quirks that will help bring some city Troy charm to this restaurant that can otherwise be found across the nation, namely, a Spicy Strawberry Donut Cheesecake flavor, made famous by the Troy High School Marching Band.

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